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Students participating in the TENS program to improve Numeracy

All Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 classes have been involved in a Department of Education course called Targeting Early Numeracy (TEN).  This program aims to improve the numeracy skills of Infants students to ensure they meet specific minimum targets.  Students focus on identifying numbers, counting, skip counting forwards and backwards and addition and subtraction mental strategies.  The program motivates and encourages children to engage in Mathematics by beginning all lessons with a short and explicit game that aims to develop a specific skill.


Throughout the year, staff attend Professional Learning sessions and then have an expert teacher visit classrooms to give demonstration lessons and to view staff lessons.  To ensure the success of the implementation of this program, the school has purchased new Mathematics resources, such as dice, dominoes and double sided counters.


Our results so far have shown wonderful growth across all classes, indicating that this is a successful program which we will aim to continue.

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