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Gardening Group

Over the years, Narwee Public School has been committed to achieving numerous sustainable outcomes. The most recent of these has been the creation of our community vegetable garden ‘Sunning Hill’; a name which was voted by the school as best acknowledging the history of the region and people. To effectively engage students across the whole school, a dedicated team of cross stage students was formed to undertake certain leadership roles.

The ‘Green Thumbs’, as they have become affectionately known, were given the responsibility of selecting, planting and maintaining the demonstration garden bed. Furthermore, they happily undertake general planting, watering, pruning, propagating and compost collection. They played a major role in planting the first few garden beds. The salad, flower and herb garden were first to be established; each showcasing a variety of edible species. The salad garden includes lettuce, tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, mint, parsley and basil.

In September, the ‘Green Thumbs’ entered the annual ‘Sustainable Schools Awards’ competition. Schools in the City of Canterbury region were asked to complete a questionnaire, detailing all the sustainability initiatives their school has implemented. Narwee Public School won the ‘Sustainable Champions’ category and were awarded with a Sony camcorder. Now all environmental initiatives carried out by the school can be recorded and documented for all to see and enjoy.

Some of the produce from our garden