Narwee Public School

Deeds not words

Telephone(02) 9153 9756

Learning from home

Remember to give a 'good morning' check-in on Class Dojo each school day. 

Years K-2 daily online work is posted on Class Dojo and Years 3-6 daily online work is posted on Google Classroom. 

If you do worksheets supplied by our school, upload a photo to show you've completed  some tasks each day.


School hours

8.50 - 9.20am: 
morning play
9.20 - 11.20am:
morning session
11.20 - 12.20pm: 
12.20 - 1.50pm:
middle session
1.50 - 2.10pm:
2.10 - 3.20pm:
afternoon session
finish time

Fridays will have different lunch time bells due to sport