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Chess Club

Narwee Public School has always valued the importance of Chess in the school environment. Research suggests that playing chess from a young age helps students utilise their high order thinking skills and improve their efficiency across all learning areas. This has been true for many students at Narwee.

The Chess Club at Narwee has shown a steady increase in numbers, with an increase in female participation also. Students of varying degrees of competence are always more than happy to share their skills and showcase their newfound talents. Students look forward to participating in workshops run by professionals throughout the year.

Beginning in Term 2, students meet on a weekly basis to become familiar with the rules and develop their skills. In Term 3, students have the opportunity to put those skills into practice by playing against students of varying levels of skill, confidence and ability. Each session consists of a practise game followed by a scored game.

In Term 4, the students continue to improve their knowledge and increase their skills as finals approach. The finals are played in front of an audience on our outdoor chess board in the playground, a fitting reward for those students who have socially and academically benefited from being part of the chess club tradition at Narwee.