Narwee Public School

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To allow for effective whole class learning, Narwee Public School has a dedicated computer lab equipped with modern computers, data projector and printer. The students also have internet access through the use of classroom computers. The school library contains eight computers used for extending computer research skills during library lessons. The school also has a class set of tablets that can be used for either whole class activities or within small groups.

Classes visit the computer lab weekly for lessons in email, internet research, word processing, power point presentations and the use of software. Alternativly, they use the school tablets to engage with a range of interactive websites, applications and programs to enhance learning outcomes. Students are provided with quality teaching lessons that use the email system to complete tasks provided by the teacher. This promotes the development of skills such as sending, collecting and attaching data that can be assessed by the teacher at the completion of a lesson. This encourages all Narwee Public School students to keep pace with the cutting edge of technology development in computers.