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Student leadership

At Narwee Public School, School Captain, Vice-Captains and Prefects are elected by the years 3-6 student body and staff.  These students are selected from year 6 children only.

Year 6 students can nominate themselves (providing they are on Bronze Behaviour level and above), to perform a speech in front of all years 5 & 6 and staff.  From here, the top four girls and the top four boys are chosen.  The eight children then present their speeches again to all children in years 3-6.  From here, 2 Captains (a boy and girl),  2 Vice-Captains (a boy and girl) and 4 prefects (2 boys and 2 girls) are elected.


School Leaders 2020

Narwee Public School are proud to introduce the School Leaders for 2020:

Boy Captain Girl Captain
Mohammad A Amy
Boy Vice-Captain Girl Vice-Captain
Jarren Marli
Boy Prefects Girl Prefects
Christian Bianca
Hayden Gabe
Currawong House Captains & Vice Captains
Tayabba & Hussain  
Aleeyah & Ali A  
Kingfisher House Captains & Vice Captain
Mohammad D & Isabel  
Lilly-Maree & Liam  
Kookaburra House Captains & Vice Captains 
Em & Paris  
Anson & Zahraa  
Magpie House Captains & Vice Captains  
Omar & Malia  
Nour & Axel