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Drug education

Children become aware of drugs from an early age. They gain information and form attitudes about drugs and drug issues from a range of influences including family, friends, peers, school, the community, media and technology such as the Internet.

The school environment is an important influence in children’s lives. Messages from teachers, incidental comments, the types of questions posed as well as the way the curriculum is taught, all contribute to children’s views about drugs.

The students at our school take part in specific lessons on Drug Education once per week for 8 weeks each year. These lessons cover over the counter and prescribed medications and the safe storage and use of these and also substances such as caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and the effects these have on the body.

Through our Drug Education lessons we hope to assist in the development of knowledge and understanding, skills, and values and attitudes of students to make informed decisions about drugs. We aim to develop an appreciation and commitment to healthy and socially just ways of living as well as enhance skills in making, communicating and acting upon health decisions and ways to improve personal and community health and well-being.

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